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“I think every woman should enjoy her age. Cosmetic surgeries are not for me.”
 The famous star Monica Belluci has a bewitching charm with her beauty and natural shine. Belluci who enjoys her 50s was among the names that marked the Cannes Film Festival this year. We had the opportunity to chat with the Italian actress on her personal life and professional career.

How was your childhood?
I had a great childhood. I was dying to get my freedom when I became a young adult. I don’t know why but I never appreciate people who keeps interfering in my life. I was hurrying to jump into action and work. That was why I began working when I was still going to school.

How did your career begin as an actress?
I began to work as a model after 16, later in the 90s; I decided to become an actress. I took small parts in TV series. I had my first big motion picture experience in 1992. I was one of the vampire ladies of Dracula in Francis Ford Coppola’s Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Many famous actors took place in the movie such as Gary Oldman, Winona Ryder, Anthony Hopkins, and Keanu Reeves.

Where did you get your beauty from?
I took it from my mother. Women in my family always care about their appearance. My grandmother never gave up taking care of her appearance even at the age of 80. My mother, my grandmother always preferred wearing high heels.

Where does beauty come from in your opinion?
I think it comes from our souls. Cinema has everything to do with beauty but it comes from the soul.

You are a mother. How do you feel about motherhood?
The best thing I have ever had all in my life is motherhood. I am so glad that I became a mother.

You can act in French, English, and Italian when you play roles in international projects. In which language would you like to act the most?
I prefer Italian.

You have worked with Guy Édoin in Ville Marie. What can you tell us about your experience?
Working with him was a great experience. He helped me a lot for the character that I was animating. The movie tells an interesting story where the lives of four different people cross at some certain point. I played an actress who was trying to hide her weakness behind her acting.

How do you prepare for a role?
After reading the scenario and accepting the part, I follow my instincts. I try to make the character look real.

What would you tell us about being a James Bond girl?
As you know, there is a repeating line in all Bond movies: “Bond, James Bond.” It felt great to know that for just once that line would be repeated at me. It was both funny and ironic. James Bond name has a certain burden. When Sam Mendes offered me the part, I accepted. He told me that he would show me just the way I was at my 50. It made me happy.

What would you say about your experience with the famous director Emir Kusturica?
Emir works very detailed. He spends a lot of time and effort to choose the colors that he wants to work with. Scenario is just a mark to him and he changes its course during the recording process. I can let myself free when I work with him. I become ready to follow him. As my part requested, I learned to speak Serbian. Emir told me that I was good at it.

This year you were the host of the Cannes Film Festival. With which words would you describe Cannes?
I would say love and no expectations.

When did you first take place in the Cannes Film Festival?
It was 2002; the best days ever… Being on the red carpet next to Morgan Freeman and Gene Hackman was an exciting feeling.

You maintain your beauty via natural ways. What do you think about getting cosmetic surgeries?
I don’t direct my life only according to how I look. As I watch my two daughters grow, I do not feel old. I think every woman should enjoy their age. Cosmetic surgeries are not for me.

What are your upcoming projects?
I am reading scenarios; however, nothing is clear yet.

Would you like your daughters to become actresses?
It is up to them.

What can you tell us about your fans?
It is great to be loved; however, I am not doing this job to be loved or to become popular. It is the nature of our job. When I make my decisions, the part I am going to play is much more important than the popularity of the movie.

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