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2015, June — loaded (UK) — La Bella Bullucci

La Bella Bullucci

Forget Bond girls. Monica Bellucci is a Bond woman.

The voluptuous Italian beauty, famed for her nude sciences, reveals her joy at becoming 007′s lady friend… at the age of 50.


WORDS Lia Nicholls, Deputy Editor 

Monica Bellucci smouldered for her first James Bond screen test for Tomorrow Never Dies in 1997 – but lost the part to Teri Hatcher. So it’s no surprise the Italian siren is “over the moon” about being cast in Bond 18 years later.

Bellucci will play Lucia Sciarra in the 24th 007 film Spectre.

“I am so, so happy,” the actress beamed.

At 50 – yes, half-a-century – Bellucci becomes the oldest ever Bond “girl” in the history of the franchise.

Finally, a femme fatale who is closer to 007’s ripening age.

Laughing, she told Loaded, “Instead of playing a James Bond girl, because of my maturity I play a James Bond woman.”

When the main line-up for the spy movie was revealed, there was a flurry of excitement from die-hard fans over bella Bellucci.

Forums were awash with how fabulous it is to have the voluptuous diva on board.

A few critics sneered at the choice, saying Bellucci is just a typical choice for the over-sexualised spy franchise and dismissing her as more “boobs than substance”.

Okay, so it’s likely the vixen will be poured into a tight cocktail dress that shows off the famous assets she displayed when making her big-screen debut as one of Dracula’s bare-breasted brides in Francis Ford Coppola’s version of the Bram Stoker novel.

It’s also probable said cocktail dress might end up on 007’s floor, but this is Bond and there’s no harm in celebrating Bellucci’s beautiful form.


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