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Emir Kusturica Woos Monica Bellucci, With Pumpkins – Venice

EXCLUSIVE: Oscar-nominee and two-time Cannes Palme d’Or winner Emir Kusturica will world premiere his latest film, On The Milky Road, in competition at the Venice Film Festival on September 9. Today, we have a first-look at the drama about a passionate, forbidden love set during wartime. Kusturica is seen frolicking in the clip above with Monica Bellucci in what appears to be an idyllic setting, until…

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Synopsis of the film on «On the Milky Road»

Spring in wartime. Each day a milkman crosses the frontline on a donkey, dodging bullets to bring his precious wares to the soldiers. Blessed with good fortune on his mission, loved by a beautiful villager, a peaceful future seems to await him… until the arrival of a mysterious Italian woman turns his life upside down.
Thus begins a story of passionate, forbidden love that will plunge them both into a series of fantastic and dangerous adventures. They have been joined by fate, and nothing and no one seems able to stop them…

On_The_Milky_Road_Monica_Bellucci.jpg Monica_Bellucci_On_The_Milky_Road_Still_01.jpg Monica_Bellucci_On_The_Milky_Road_Still_02.jpg

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Season 3 of the series «Mozart in the Jungle»

Амазон объявил дату премьеры 3-го сезона «Моцарта в джунглях», наших любимых героев мы увидим 9 декабря 2016 года

… ©

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Not Even Plácido Domingo Can Say No to ‘Mozart in the Jungle’

Not Even Plácido Domingo Can Say No to ‘Mozart in the Jungle’

Monica Bellucci on the set before shooting a scene for Mozart in the Jungle 012

VENICE — It was after midnight on the Grand Canal here, and Plácido Domingo was standing on a floating stage slowly motoring toward the Accademia Bridge, singing the opening lines of a duet from “Don Giovanni.”

A soprano’s voice answered from a second float heading to meet his, on which the actress Monica Bellucci, made up like Maria Callas in a teal gown and glittering diamonds, lip-synced seductively. The stages came together, and so did the voices.

With this operatically over-the-top spectacle last week — which drew squeals and flurries of smartphone photos as people passed on a vaporetto, or water bus — Mr. Domingo became the latest classical star to shoot a cameo for “Mozart in the Jungle,” the Amazon comedy about a fictional New York orchestra. +++

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Monica Bellucci canta tra le fiamme in piazza San Marco

Monica Bellucci canta tra le fiamme in piazza San Marco

Venezia, ultimi ciak per la serie tivù americana “Mozart in the Jungle” con quattrocento comparse

VENEZIA. Davanti a Palazzo Ducale tra le fiamme di cartone, Monica Bellucci ritrova infine la voce e, con la voce, se stessa. Un altro ciak in laguna, ieri sera, per “Mozart in the Jungle” la serie televisiva americana, prodotta da Picrow per Amazon Studios e trasmessa in Italia da Sky, che vedrà protagonista per quattro episodi la bellissima attrice nei panni di una cantante lirica — Alessandra — che riconquista il successo dopo un periodo di lontananza dalle scene.


Quattrocento comparse (che saranno moltiplicate al computer per dare l’idea di Piazza San Marco piena), il palco, moltissimi curiosi, l’orchestra e le lingue gialle e arancioni per la scena finale del serial tv girato in queste settimane a Venezia con scene al Conservatorio, alla Fenice e nell’Atelier Nicolao. ©

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La Fenice last day for television series «Mozart in the Jungle»

Actress Monica Bellucci at La Fenice last day with Gael García Bernal for television series «Mozart in the Jungle» produced by Picrow for Amazon Studios



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Monica Bellucci in Venice on the set of TV series

Летящей походкой прошлась неотразимая Моника Беллуччи по улочке Калле-дей-Ботери в Венеции. Актриса казалась призрачно-прекрасной, словно девушка из сна. В белом льняном платье с пикантным декольте, украшенным кружевом, Моника неспешно шествовала в компании своего ассистента на съемки в сериале «Моцарт в джунглях».

Monica_Belluci_in_Venice_on_22_June_2016_in_Venice2C_Italy_04.jpg Monica_Belluci_in_Venice_on_22_June_2016_in_Venice2C_Italy_06.jpg Italian_actress_Monica_Bellucci_arrive_at_the_set_of_the_Mozat_in_the_Jungle_2016_01.jpg Monica_Belluci_in_Venice_on_22_June_2016_in_Venice2C_Italy_10.jpg Monica_Belluci_in_Venice_on_22_June_2016_in_Venice2C_Italy_12.jpg
Сериал завоевал внимание «Золотого глобуса», который наградил «Моцарта в джунглях» 2-мя призами. Один за лучший сериал, а другой увёз исполнитель основной роли Гаэль Гарсия Берналь. В съемочном цехе присутствуют Джейсон Шварцман, Алекс Тимберс и Роман Коппола. Актерский каст состоит из Гаэль Гарсия Берналя, Лолы Керк, Малкольма Макдауэлла и иных персон актерского ремесла. По задумке создателей, в третьем сезоне ансамбль под управлением неотразимого Родриго ожидают поразительные приключения в турне по странам Старого Света. 

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